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September Legal Documents uploaded

The latest court documents lodged are now available under Legal/September Legal Docs Important

The documents have been split up for easy reading. These documents are primarily relating to Stop the Election given the Government has been put on notice in relation to removal of the Crown from Western Australia without Referendum, relating legal documents are also included

This list of documents contains

  • Originating Application, Federal Court of Australia, 4th September 2013
  • Affidavit in Support, Federal Court of Australia
  • The West Australian Over Act Part 8, Amendments about the Crown
  • Explanation Letter to Federal Court of Australia
  • Constitutional Notice Judiciary ACT 1903 Commonwealth. Governor General - All Attorney Generals, Mark Dreyfus and George Brandis
  • Governor General Quentin Bryce regarding Constitutional Notice relating to the Criminal removal of the Crown without Referendum
  • Eight Attorney General regarding COnstitutional Notice relating to the Criminal removal of the Crown without Referendum
  • Six current Senators from Victoria:
    • Senator John Madigan and Chief of Staff
    • Senator Kim Carr and Mr Moorhead
    • Senator Michael Ronaldson
    • Senator Richard Di Natale
    • Senator Stephen Conroy
    • Senator Bridget McKenzie
  • Mark Dreyfus Former Attorney General with Attachments, copies of Write and Notices given to the House of Reps
  • Former Senator George Brandis, Liberal Party of Australia, Brisbane QLD
  • Victoria Police, Chief Commissioners Office
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Victorian Electoral Commission, Steve Kennedy
  • All Political Parties but not limited to the parties named below, relating to Criminal removal of the Crown without Referendum:
    • Australian Labor Party
    • Australian Liberal Party
    • Australian Green Party
    • Riseup Australia
    • Family First
    • Voice of Australia
    • Australian Democratic Party (Democratic Liberal Party)
    • Palmer United
  • Australian Federal Commission, Nomination of a Senator (Form 59) Section 44 (The Constitution)
  • Australian Electoral Commission, Nomination of the House of Representatives(Form 60) Section 44 (The Constitution)
  • Constitution and the Commonwealth of Australia 1900, Sections
    • 12
    • 32
    • 44
    • 47
    • 80
  • Criminal Code Act 1995 Commonwealth Charter 5. Section 80
  • Crimes Act 1958 Victoria Grand Jury Indictments Section 354

















Transcript of proceedings from March 16, 2013
Federal Court Writ Lodged 19th August 2013