In order for your efforts to have a withstanding effect, it is important to serve the letter and Notice to the Electoral Commissioner and then complete an Affidavit of Service which is signed by a Justice of the Peace.

By using this approach, your affidavit can be used, if necessary, in the pending Grand Jury hearing in relation to the “Breach of Treason” charge.

These instructions will take you through the steps required for Serving the Electeral Commissioner and completing the Affidavit of Service.

The documents needed are included on this website:

Letter to the Australian Electorate Commissioner (pdf) (word doc)

Legal and Constitutional Notice (including attachment) (download pdf)

Copies and delivery of letter and Notice, and Affidavit of Service. (download)

Justice of the Peace and signing of Affidavit.

Letter to the Australian Electorate Commissioner.

Page 1:

  1. Download the Letter to the AEC (Word document)
  2. Check your name and address are correct at the top of page 1  ‘From...’
  3. Fill in the name of the Federal Electorate Commissioner, and the address of the electorate commision in the top section  ‘To:....’
  4. At the beginning of the letter, fill in your name and address.

Page 3:

  1. Fill in the name of the Federal Electorate that the commissioner works from.
  2. Fill in the name of the Commissioner (person the letter is addressed to).
  3. Sign your name on the right hand side, above  ‘Elector’.
  4. Date letter (pg 1)


Legal and Constitutional Notice (including attachment).

This Notice is referred to in the letter and must accompany the letter.

Page 1:

  1. Download the ‘Legal and Constitutional Notice.’ (PDF).  Ensure print is on one side only.  This is a 10 page document.  The first 2 pages (pg1-2) are of the ‘Notice’.  The next 8 pages (pg1-8) are of the ‘attachment’ referred to in the Notice.
  2. Fill in the name of the Electoral Commissioner and address of the Electorate in the sections “TO:...” and “ADDRESS:...”
  3. Fill in your name and address in the sections “FROM:...” and “OF.(address):...”
  4. Write the date.  You could write it as the ‘x-th’ day of ‘month’, 2013.  It is ok to write just the month and year, eg  ‘August, 2013”. 

Page 2:

  1. Fill in the date (day/month/year), and your signature and address.

INSTRUCTIONS – Australian Electoral Commission

  1. Copies and delivery and Affidavit of Service.
    1. Download a copy of the ‘Affidavit of Service’.
    2. Deliver BOTH (letterand Notice) to the Electoral Commissioner.
    3. It is preferable to deliver in person, but registered post is fine. 


If delivered in person:

Request that Officer who takes the letter and Notice:

  1. dates,
  2. signs,
  3. writes their position title and
  4. makes a copy of the letter and Notice for you to keep. This is YOUR copy for you to keep, and proof of what you just delivered.


Affidavit of Service:

v. In front of the Officer, on the Affidavit, fill in:

  1. The name of the Officer who took the letter and Notice
  2. How they received this letter and Notice by crossing out the appropriate delivery section on the Affidavit.
  3. The date on which you delivered this letter and Notice.


If by registered post:

  1. write the Registered Number on the letter and the Notice.

Make sure you keep the tear-off tab at the back of the envelope for your records. (Ask at the post office if unsure)

ii.   Make copies of the letter and Notice.

iii.  On the affidavit of service, fill in the registered post number cross out the appropriate section of delivery.


Justice of the Peace and signing of Affidavit.

You will need to take this Affidavit to someone authorised to sign such documents (JP, police etc.) and sign it in front of them.  They will then witness this document.  This is for you to keep for your records.


Thank you for upholding your right as an elector of Australia.